Rhino3dm 8.0.0 is released!

rhino3dm 8.0.0 is out!

  • All
    • Added support for Rhino 8 OpenNURBS
    • Upgraded to draco 1.5.4 (js, py)
    • Bug fixes, tooling upgrades
  • .net
    • Added .net 7.0 support
    • Added macOS arm64 support
  • .py
    • Removed python 2.7 support
    • Added python 3.11 support
    • Added draco support (py)
  • .js
    • Fixed typescript bindings generation

js: rhino3dm - npm
py: rhino3dm · PyPI
net: NuGet Gallery | Rhino3dm 8.0.0-beta

repo: GitHub - mcneel/rhino3dm: Libraries based on OpenNURBS with a RhinoCommon style


I’m not a developer but we will get a better performance by using this new stuff or what

It depends on what you are developing. rhino3dm is a library developers can use in their projects to read, write, and create Rhino geometry. If a developer needs to support Rhino 8 files, the it is a good idea to use the new stuff.

Hi @fraguada ,
Thank you for the updated.
Were some new methods/properties added to the NET version?

In this release we focused on updating the tooling to support the Rhino 8 file format and a few other infrastructural changes. We have some binding requests on our list. If there is something you are looking for, let us know!

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Is Rhino.Inside NuGet Gallery | Rhino.Inside 7.0.0 next?

Not for a while still. We’re trying to figure out how to properly support running Rhino.Inside either a .NET 4.8 process or a dotnet 7 process. We just got this to work this week for Rhino.Compute with dotnet 7, but there is still a bit of cleanup to do.

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