Rhino3dm 8.6.0 released 馃帀

This release coincides with the openNURBS source in Rhino 8.6.

:green_square: python PyPI - rhino3dm.py 8.6.0
:purple_square: dotnet NuGet - rhino3dm.net 8.6.0
:yellow_square: javascript npm - rhino3dm.js 8.6.0

:scroll: changelog: rhino3dm/CHANGELOG.md at 8.6.0 路 mcneel/rhino3dm 路 GitHub
:face_with_monocle: diff: Comparing 8.4.0...8.6.0 路 mcneel/rhino3dm 路 GitHub

:bookmark: samples: GitHub - mcneel/rhino-developer-samples at 0562389cf99fa9312783fae9693dbd3e490a5d59

Notable updates:

  • Create InstanceDefinitions and add InstanceObjects to a Rhino document (aka, support creating and adding blocks to a model)
  • Embed files in a Rhino document, for example, for creating materials with textures
  • Fixed issues with retrieving text strings from Annotation objects