Rhino WIP6 for Mac need a V6 license?

Just wondering if I need a V6 license to run WIP V6? If so where can I upgrade? Thanks!


it still asks me for a V6 licence…

When you requested it, we emailed you a download link and a key.
Did you look in your inbox?

I just looked.
There is no record of you requesting the Mac WIP from the link I sent before.
You either requested it using a different email address, or you misspelled it.

Please request it again.

I did requested several times, and I am double checked my email address every time when I requested it, but I don’t think Ive ever gotten an email what writes back with a download link and a key…

There may be an internal infrastructure problem on our end.
We’re investigating.
Sorry for the delay

ok Thank you. Please let me know.

PM sent

Does this affect the v6 WIP download - checking the license says:

Der eingegebene Lizenzschlüssel gehört jemand anderem

(the license key you entered belongs to another person)


If you’re getting this message, and you want to know more information, please PM me your license key and the email address you were using.

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