No license serial received when downloading WIP Rhino6 For Mac

After downloading the WIP there is no mail with serial number sent out. Or its sent out but gets lost on the way.
I tried downloading a couple of times with different emails addresses but no serial shows up on any of them.

The WIP installs just fine but when starting it there is options to use zoo or manually input the serial for version 6 for Mac. As I understand zoo does not yet work so I need to input a manual serial number.

I use High Sierra and Rhino 5.5 for Mac.


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I have the exact same issue! I am curious how that can be solved…

Greetings, Rudi

@rudolf.neumerkel Could you please send the Rhino 5 Mac license key and the email used to get the Rhino 6 Mac WIP license to

Thank you.

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