Rhino WIP - group names are case sensitive

Change: Names of groups are now case sensitive.

This means you can have three different groups named “stuff”, “Stuff”, and “STUFF”.

If you use the script version of the SelGroup command (which is run by typing the command name with a hyphen prefix -SelGroup), then you must enter the group name exactly as it appears in the dialog version of the SelGroup command.

All other Rhino model component names (layers, annotation styles, hatch patterns, line patterns, …) continue to work as they have for the past 20 years.

The change was made because some of our users are managing large sets of information using groups and the group names come from GIS data sets. These data sets use upper and lower case letters to distinguish between different collections of objects. The data sets are provided and maintained by large corporations and government entities and our users have no control over the name formats.

Please let us know if this change adversely affects any existing plug-ins or workflows that your are using.

Thank your for testing the Rhino WIP and helping us understand the impact of changes like this one.

This looks like a typical case where a somewhat obscure global setting (option) could determine whether the layer names should be case sensitive or not.

I mean, Layer names are dealt with in a zillion user scripts out there, and they will most certainly break. I think like so:

  • Not all scripters are experienced enough to run lowercase(name) on the layer names when comparing names in their scripts, so a change will break a zillion scripts.
  • Most users will not deal with GID data sets.

Although a very useful option for those who needs it, I think that for the reasons mentioned above a better strategy would be to keep CaseInsensitive as default and only optionally make them CaseSensitive (Global Setting).

// Rolf

have NOT changed

Rolf, thank you for your remarks.

Group names persist in files shared by all users. A “group names are case sensitive” application setting, obscure or otherwise, will not work if the files are shared between users with different application settings. Because this would be likely in the case our customer reported, we decided against using an application setting to control the availability of group name case sensitivity.

Again, this change is ONLY for group names. All other names, including layer names, continue to be case insensitive as they have been since Rhino 1.

If you have an existing workflows that use GROUP names that this change affects, please let us know. Thanks.

Guess what @dalelear and @bobmcneel ; I actully misread the post, and it’s a mystery (also) for me how I could gut stuck on “layer” while the post is crystal clear on Groups. < scratching head >

Honestly, I must have glossed over it seeing only “layer” somewhere in the text and got stuck with that. :roll_eyes: :upside_down_face:

Sorry for that, my (silly) bad.

// Rolf