Rhino WIP: Changes Coming to Clip Participation

In a couple weeks, the way clip participation works will change from being lists of clipping planes on objects and layers to being a list of objects on clipping planes. There will be controls on the clipping plane object property panel to set these custom lists. If you have already been playing with the clip participation feature in the Rhino 8 WIP, you will need to reset your custom clip participation. I hope this doesn’t affect too many users as we haven’t really written about the feature yet.

This change will not happen in next Tuesday’s WIP, but will likely be in the WIP the week after that. We were running into issues with the current technique for certain workflows and decided it was best to switch now before messing too many people up.

@brady1 this may affect you. If this is a serious problem, please let us know so we can figure out how to help.

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Happy to see movement in that area.
I hope it will help with the issues stated in this thread or set some good foundation to deal wit them. Current solutions made it difficult to make new and manage old per Object per Detail View section styles.

Please make options for the list to be either exclude objects or include objects. (So all new objects will automatically not be added to the list)

That way we can choose to only clip some objects, and it will stay that way moving forward, or we can choose to not clip some objects and only those will stay clipped as we move forwards.
Hope that makes sense.

The default should be an exclude list that is empty, so it works as clipping planes works today, it clips everything because nothing is on the list.

This has more to do with determining which objects get clipped for a given clipping plane than the resulting look of a section. I don’t think these changes have an effect on the issues you addressed in your post.

Trav, Rajaa and I just got off a zoom chat to discuss this :slight_smile: We are planning to let the lists be either participation or exclusion.

When the list is empty, the clipping planes work exactly like they do today. Everything get clipped.


Thanks for the heads up. Will let you know if I have any issues

Generally, it’s better this way, but why can’t we access this setting both ways? Especially if I want to add some exceptions I would look at objects that I want to exclude.
Could I select the object and see in which Clipping Planes it is Included/Excluded and preferably change its participation from here?

Right now if I found some objects that I want to be excluded I need to start looking for the Clipping Plane in which it might be mentioned, and honestly, I might not know where to find it…
Clipping Plane might be hidden, its layer may be hidden, may be locked, or there might be multiple clipping planes for different objects that are placed in relatively the same place, so it’s hard to distinguish which one is the one I’m looking for.

Opposite, if some Object is excluded from the clipping and I want it to be no longer excluded, it’s tricky to find Clipping Plane because it might be far from this object.

There are so many Objects, Clipping Planes, and on top of that Clipping Planes are enabled/disabled per Viewport. In different scenarios, Clip Participation settings might be easier to reach from different angles.

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Technically we switched from storing lists of clipping planes on objects and layers to storing lists of objects and layers on clipping planes. This doesn’t mean things get any more or less complex. We’ll need to provide tools to help figure out which clipping planes an object does or doesn’t participate with.

Hi Jakub -

Looking into a way to handle this is on the list as
RH-74969 ClippingPlane: Clip Participation: Objects list

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