Rhino WIP Apple - File Preview not working

Worth Noting - I’ve had to delete the WIP since it disables my file previews.

Interesting. I presume you are talking about Finder Quicklook previews, right? What you get when you press space when a 3dm files is selected in Finder?

Hi Dan, yes correct, in the finder window right side preview - as well as the space bar enlargement. Files were represented by rhino logo. There was a spinning icon since finder was trying to present the preview?
My previews are essential to my work since the files are numerical.
Looking forward to Rhino Apple 6 - thanks

Ok, thanks for confirming that. Unfortunately, I’m not able to reproduce this behavior with the latest RhinoWIP for Rhino 6 for Mac. Quicklook and Finder previews are working great for me. I wonder if this is a widespread issue or not. Hopefully we will hear from others with the same problem.

I would be curious to hear what your RhinoWIP SystemInfo was if you reinstall the RhinoWIP.

sorry for the delay dan, i just reinstalled for you. What system info specifically are you looking for? Hardware? graphic card? I can send you Screenshots of that data

@bule, start Rhino and run the Rhino command _SystemInfo. It’ll pop up a dialog with text. The text content is what @dan is after.

gotcha Nathan

Sys Info Bule.txt (9.8 KB)

Confirming - I cannot see previews for any of my rhino files. I just see a spinning ball. But if I delete the WIP, previews are visible as normal.

It appears the previews do appear, but only if the file is chosen and spinning icon rolls for a couple minutes?

Inside each copy of the Rhinoceros app is a utility that creates the preview image which the Finder caches for displaying when you examine a folder. When you have multiple copies of Rhinoceros on your computer, the Finder will pick one of them to generate the preview image. When you are adding and deleting Rhinoceros applications, it is possible for the Finder to get confused about which remaining copy of Rhino to use for previews. RhinoWIP (V6) can create previews for V4, V5, and V6 Rhino files. Rhinoceros (V5) cannot display preview images for V6 files.

To find all the copies of Rhino on your computer, run the TestFindAllRhinoApps command. Delete any of the obsolete copies that you are not using. This will help the Finder from getting confused.

To see which copy of Rhinoceros the Finder is using for preview images, start the Terminal app and run the following command:
qlmanage -m | grep com.mcneel.rhinoceros.3dm

Finally, each 3DM file is supposed to have a preview image embedded in it, but sometimes there is not a preview in the file. If the preview is not there, then the Finder cannot display a preview for that file.

ok Marlin, you present 4 scenarios…
1st - Understood, but none of my rhino files are V6 since I do not use it? I only use Rhino 5.5.3
2nd - It only lists 2 copies = Rhino 5.5.3 + Rhino 6.15
3rd - My Results to that Query = com.mcneel.rhinoceros.3dm -> /Applications/RhinoWIP.app/Contents/Library/QuickLook/Rhinoceros.qlgenerator (6.15.19099.12046)
4th - Yes, all my V5 files have preview images. I use the images all the time to review drawings since i number my rhino files. So previews are embedded, work fine in V5. But they appear to take forever to load when the WIP is loaded?