File Preview ( Spacebar ) - Scale is too small

When reviewing my files on my Mac, I use the spacebar frequently to Preview files. I would like to suggest enlarging the current file preview. When hitting the spacebar to view Adobe files they open very large, filling almost my entire screen. The current Rhino image is very tiny and files that are complex are difficult to see. Thank you very much for V5 for Mac!

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Hi @bule-

I believe you are referring to the OS X Quicklook feature. It would definitely be great if the Quicklook 3dm thumbnail image could be larger. I’ve logged this issue (MR-2191). Thanks for the feedback.


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Correct Dan, OS X Quicklook. Thank you very much

This subject is now 2 years old… any progress with previewing a file at a scale that is actually readable? Apple made this wonderful feature for quickly viewing files, I am not sure why it is not included with Rhino for Mac?

This is not something we can fix. The preview image stored in the 3DM file is 1024 x 1024. It is the Finder that is deciding to show a smaller version. The Finder in MacOS 10.8 shows bigger preview images from the same model. See MR-2191 for an example.

Hi bule.
I use this method.


Thanks for the input Marlin and suggested solution Zsimon, except using quicklook with STL’s is not my issue. I like to work viewing my files thru apples coverflow, striking the spacebars frequently to quicklook files larger as I browse. I’ve attached a series of screenshots to show how these all look. All types of files are scaleable with apples quicklook, with the exception of Rhino.3dm? Your STL file looks great, is a large default size and it is also scale-able. I can even rotate the STL using quicklook! The basic Rhino.3dm file default quicklook scale is so tiny, appears much smaller than 1024 x 1024. I wonder is there something wrong with my system?

  1. My desktop, File window in coverflow

  2. Quicklook PDF is very large

  3. Quicklook Rhino.3dm is super tiny

  4. Quicklook Rhino.3dm is not scaleable when dragging window larger

  5. Quicklook STL made in Rhino looks great

  6. Quicklook STL is scaleable, looks great

the quick look preview displays only meshed files which is nice i must admit, one can even zoom in and navigate. but rhino “also” works with nurbs -curves and -surfaces. which do not display in quick look… but maybe this could be implemented since rhino files have the display mesh stored i believe. maybe this display mesh could then be addressed and used as a preview?

You used STL and PDF files for your Quick Look example files. Both of these file formats are natively supported by macOS and don’t need third party software to provide a Quick Look module, so they are not good counter examples to the Rhino issue.

I tried Quick Look on Acorn files, which is not a native file format. The Quick Look previews for Acorn are scalable, so Rhino was doing something that did not work on macOS Sierra.

There are several ways to pass images to the Quick Look system. Apparently the technique that Rhino has always used does not work in later versions of macOS, but does work in earlier macOS versions. I modified Rhino to use another Quick Look image technique and Rhino displays large Quick Look images again in macOS Sierra. This will be fixed in the next WIP release.


Wonderful Marlin, thank you very much for your consideration with this quicklook.
It is extremely useful when reviewing files!
( BTW - I included 6 images of example files and images 3 + 4 are your Rhino .3dm files )

Quicklook previews should be larger with the latest RhinoWIP (5E169w). Please give it a try.

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