Rhino VRay Viewport "Rendered" materials are black

I used a brick material from default Vray library, it renders fine with Vray but shows it as black in every other viewport with advanced material preview setting.


does this happen on a brand new model, or on an existing models only ?
Mind that Rhino is not capable of displaying the V-Ray materials exactly. We make certain shortcuts to fake the material to cope with the viewport, but it doesn’t work for all materials. For example all the “Bricks Simple” materials will show grayish color, and “Brick Tiled” will show black color.

Which exact material do you use ?
And for which version of V-Ray is that ?

Both. I defaulted to original Rhino settings, created a new file, enabled advanced material preview for Rendered mode. V-ray Interactive viewport shows the texture on my cube just fine, but not Rendered.

It’s V Ray v4.10.01

The material I use is in Materials\Bricks\Bricks Simple 05 2m.vrmat
However all materials I picked at random also display as black (though I can edit them in V-Ray Asset Editor).


First, your version of V-Ray is somewhat old-ish. I recommend you update to the latest 4.20 for free. (this won’t fix your problem here, but contains a lot of fixes and features)

The Bricks Simple 05 is one of those materials that will display black. Its diffuse texture is a V-Ray procedural tiles texture, not an image file.

Rhino does not understand V-Ray procedurals and V-Ray does not understand Rhino procedurals either.
So basically there is nothing to display. The black color you see is the color of the diffuse slot, that is “bellow” the texture. You can change the color as you like, it is not used by V-Ray since there is a texture atop, so your material does not show black in the viewport

Alternatively you can bind a “viewport texture” - a bricks image of your choice, or any other image file. The viewport texture binding is used specifically for this kind of situations

V-Ray will still render the material as it is set, the binding is just for viewport display

We’re working on auto-bake solution for procedural textures that will use V-Ray itself to generate visually correct image from the diffuse slot, and use that image as viewport representation.
This will be available in the near future


Please do :heart:

Alright, cheers.