macOS Big Sur on Apple M1

Hi, is there likely to be a fix for the new M1 processors? I’m experiencing a few issues.

edit - I think specifically there are issues with imported images and possibly meshes as well. If I try to turn on a layer with either it crashes rhino.

Hi Marty,

Can you tell me which version of Rhino you are using on your new M1 Mac with macOS 11? If you can run the command SystemInfo in Rhino and send me that text file or email it to that would be great. Please also include any 3dm file and the steps that crash for you. We don’t have one of these M1 Macs yet in house but the more details you can give us the better. Thanks!

Sure, I will send an email.


waaaaait a sec, may i ask that does rhino crash often on apple silicon, i’d like to buy a m1 macbook but idk whether rhino would work or not.

I’d say check out the threads below as well. But my experience so far as a user hasn’t been good - it is functional to an extent and depends on what you’re trying to do. It’s noticeably slower and some fatal crashes.

It’s the same for other developers even the size of Adobe; illustrator, indesign and photoshop are all playing up for me as well… so with the M1 Macs we’re just beta testing for the developers at the moment tbh. Adobe is releasing updates relatively quickly (within a month for the full version of photoshop)

So I would wait a bit if you’re thinking of buying.

M1 Macs are not supported currently. Make sure to check the system requirements for Rhino

Hey. If I install a Windows partition on a M1 Macbook, would that work?

No, Windows will not install on an M1 chip; at least not the version of Windows that you could use for Rhino. M1 is pretty much killing the bootcamp concept.

Ah, okay. Thank you!

But is it possible to use Rhino in something like Virtual Box / Parallels / a virtual Windows on a M1 MacBook? Sorry - a lot of noob questions, I have to buy a new computer soon for school projects and I’m a bit lost.

I don’t know if those VMs support Windows on M1 Macs. You might want to investigate that. That said, we don’t support running Rhino on a VM. Some people do it, but keep your expectations low.

Okay. So it’s not really possible to make vray renders on a MacBook?

I’m only referring to an M1 based Mac. The Intel based Macs that Apple makes will work just fine with BootCamp

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Hi Brian I downloaded the M1 version of rhino 7 last week and I’m experiencing some problems. it takes fully 5 minutes to load rhino. I’m running 11.5.1 on the Mac mini. when it does load I can’t seem to select certain objects, points edges or faces. some I can select just fine. so I’m not sure if its just that I’m new to this software (transitioning from solidworks) or if there are some setup default setting I need to change. do you have a tutorial on how to set up my default interface to overcome these problems

Is it just one file that has issues and can you make a new file without issues? Have you restarted the Mac? Please make a new post on the forum when you can upload your SystemInfo from Rhino 7 and also any specific 3dm file if it is just one file. I don’t have a Mac Mini here but maybe if you have multiple displays attached that could also be a factor.

just one display and after restarting a few times it only takes about 40 seconds to start rhino 7 so that is a big improvement. Also i am able to select ok now. have updated the Big Sur version as well as the rhino update recently but still having some weird stuff happening. when i arrayCrv the objects go off on some imaginary invisible path. it worked fine the first time with freeform as default but failed after trying roadlike which put a twisted pile of beams completely off the crv , so went back to freeform and when i select the crv it wont select but instead the correct number of beams wander off on some random curve that is invisible and i cant seem to select it to delete it either.

Honestly, that seems ludicrous! On my old 2016 Intel MacBook Pro, Rhino launches in about 7 to 8 seconds.

Any tips for how to improve it? it seems like M1 chip and rhino 7 are not really ready for each-other. Im having lots of files get corrupted very easily too. especially if i undo an operation and try some different settings. it honestly isn’t as stable as solidworks and im wondering if i have made a big mistake trying to make the switch. I moved because i no longer have bootcamp partition and Rhino supports M1 but im beginning to have doubts about the compatibility.

Not really! Sorry. That’s up to the Rhino devs.

I’m currently considering getting one of the next gen ARM macs, but reading this, I guess I’ll wait. If there really are so profound issues, I think McNeel shouldn’t promote Rhino as M1 ready, yet.