macOS Big Sur on Apple M1

Hi, is there likely to be a fix for the new M1 processors? I’m experiencing a few issues.

edit - I think specifically there are issues with imported images and possibly meshes as well. If I try to turn on a layer with either it crashes rhino.

Hi Marty,

Can you tell me which version of Rhino you are using on your new M1 Mac with macOS 11? If you can run the command SystemInfo in Rhino and send me that text file or email it to that would be great. Please also include any 3dm file and the steps that crash for you. We don’t have one of these M1 Macs yet in house but the more details you can give us the better. Thanks!

Sure, I will send an email.


waaaaait a sec, may i ask that does rhino crash often on apple silicon, i’d like to buy a m1 macbook but idk whether rhino would work or not.

I’d say check out the threads below as well. But my experience so far as a user hasn’t been good - it is functional to an extent and depends on what you’re trying to do. It’s noticeably slower and some fatal crashes.

It’s the same for other developers even the size of Adobe; illustrator, indesign and photoshop are all playing up for me as well… so with the M1 Macs we’re just beta testing for the developers at the moment tbh. Adobe is releasing updates relatively quickly (within a month for the full version of photoshop)

So I would wait a bit if you’re thinking of buying.

M1 Macs are not supported currently. Make sure to check the system requirements for Rhino