M1X & Monterey

I’m planning to purchase the new MacBookPro 16" with the M1X Chip, running the Monterey OS. Will Rhino 7 run on this platform or not?

No idea.
We’ve only done a little superficial testing with macOS Monterey and didn’t find anything.

Let us know what you find.
Someone has to take point on patrol…

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Hi, I am using Rhino 7 on a Macbook with M1 Pro and Monterey. It is very laggy, panning around not very complex models is choppy…

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i think you should see some improvements using wip 8 and activating testmetal from what i have read. no first hand experience though.

Can you share a model that is not performing well? We can try to repeat what you are seeing and figure out if any improvements can be made.

@encephalon wip8 is not available for me since I am using the Testversion atm, how can I activate testmetal?
@stevebaer yes, here is a Link to the File. WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free
Thanks for your help!

Hi Johannes -

You can’t - Metal is only being developed in Rhino 8.

Just to make sure - you never ran Rhino before trying that now, is that correct? Meaning, you are not comparing the current behavior with something that you experienced on an Intel-based Mac or on a Mac running Big Sur?

I just updated my M1 to Monterey this morning. I tested your model before updating and after and am not seeing any noticeable difference in performance.

I wouldn’t call the performance with this model terrible, but I also wouldn’t say it is great. We should be able to improve this for Rhino 8. For now you could hide temporarily hide the blocks in your model to speed up navigation.

Hey Guys, thanks for you suggestions… I am building the model on my MacBook Pro from 2013 with intel core I5 and it is running much better then on my new Mac! if you want I could also post a video of my performance here.

okay I just tried to hide the blocks which really improved performance. But still its weird the my mac from 2013 is much quicker…

Did your 2013 macbook contain an nvidia GPU? Those laptops worked quite well with OpenGL. Apple has completely switched away from OpenGL in recent years and probably doesn’t put a whole lot of effort into optimizing OpenGL drivers for their own GPUs.

We are switching to use Metal instead of OpenGL on Mac for Rhino 8. It is a large project and will take quite a bit of time to complete.

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Glad I found this thread as I just upgraded to a Macbook Pro with M1 Max and noticed a serious lag, even to pan and orbit around, in more complex models as well. They ran fine on my 2015 MBP even though it was knocking on death’s door.

Hiding blocks doesn’t really seem to help. The model is mostly meshes, not sure if that makes a difference in performance.

Excited about Rhino 8 but can’t really utilize the beta for this project in particular. Any other suggestions to improve performance in Rhino 7 on M1 / Monterey would be really appreciated!!



hi, no seperate Graphic card… it was the intel iris 1536mb.

I bought a MacBook Pro 14" with 16Gb right yesterday. Clean Os Monterey.
Clean RH7 install.

Opened a v6 file which is about 250mb (complex architectural project), and I encountered the very same unpleasant issue in the 3d view. Really laggish panning and orbiting.

I went to New M1 Mac since in many threads was reported as fine working and therefore I choose to go with M1 instead of Intel.
But I’m at present not meeting this reported nice performances.

It seems way slower than v6 on my very old iMac (2010).

If developers are interest I can upload file for private checking.

I think only Rhino 7 is ARM compatible?

Right. V6 has problems in the Silicon M1s.

V7 is still in service release development so we can fix problems as they come up. We have seen a few.

Try the V7 eval and see if it runs better on the new Mac.
Then you’ll know

I’ve already clearly stated that I was running a “clean RH7 install” and opened a v6 file.

And than stated that v7 on M1 seemed slower than v6 on iMac (mid 2010).

Yes, the slowness is one of the things the developers are working on.

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Do you think this is something that might be addressed in future updates of V7? Or will it only be fixed when V8 is released?

Hey McNeel team, I recently purchased the M1X Max with 64gb ram and found out that the Octane Render plugin for Rhino is a windows-only version. While I can use Octane X standalone, the Rhino plugin was very well made by Paul Kinnane and is a way more efficient experience. Octane is a really popular renderer, but when I asked Paul about MacOS support, he said

Unfortunately the macOS version of Rhino only supports a limited set of GUI widgets, and the widgets required by the Octane plugin are not supported. So I don’t see a possibility for the Octane plugin to be supported in the macOS version of Rhino.

Is this a technical issue that could be fixed in Rhino 7 or incorporated into Rhino 8, which if I understand correctly is getting a deeper restructuring to be native on ARM?

Any insight would be very helpful. Thanks!