Rhino Versions / Can't open Rhino 7

I was trying to clean up my computer and I have notice for a while that I still have lots of versions of Rhino. This is how my search for Rhino looks at the windows button.
Screenshot 2021-06-26 003300

So earlier today decided to uninstall rhino 6.
And now my Rhino 7 does not open…
In the attempt to clean up and improve performance, I also turned off some start-up apps.

Any ideas why this happened and how to get Rhino 7 back?

… I already turned off and on my computer…

Thanks, N

Hello - please download the latest V7 and install it -


Ok, I’ll do that but Rhino 7 is on my computer.

Any idea how do I remove the Wip version and all the other shortcuts? Should I do that before installing Rhino 7 again?
Thanks, N

The ones with .exe in the name are just the downloaded installer files Windows found. If you don’t need them anymore you can just delete them.