Couldn't open rhino6

Yesterday rhino went well. But today I couldn’t open it. After double click it, nothing happens. No reminders or anything. Resetup it didn’t solve the problem. Then I setup Rhino 7. The same happened th Rhino 7.

Hi -

Does Rhino start in safe mode?
Have you rebooted the machine and checked for pending Windows OS updates?

It did not start in safe mode. I have tried to rebooted the machine. Sorry I dont quite understand windows OS update?

Hi -

In the Microsoft Windows Settings > Update & Security, please make sure there are no pending updates.


You mean make sure there is no update which is not finished?


It seems that it is the latest version. No unfinished updates.

Hello - please make sure to get the most recent version of V6, install that, and then install V7.