[C++ plug-ins] Rhino version not specified

(Menno Deij - van Rijswijk) #1

Recently we’ve started to port our plug-ins to Rhino6/WIP. I’m currently using the 6.0.16334.10341 build and I am certain that I have linked to this version.

All .NET plug-ins load without error. All C++ plug-ins give the message
Unable to load <plugin>: Rhino version not specified.

What does this mean?
Do I need to specify the version somewhere?

I found this post, but it does not seem to apply to my problem.


(Dale Fugier) #2

Hi Menno,

Do you see Plugin DLL is missing exported RhinoPlugInSdkVersion function. printed on the command line too?

– Dale

(Menno Deij - van Rijswijk) #3

I’ll have to check when I’m back in the office, thanks for your suggestion.

(Menno Deij - van Rijswijk) #4

I don’t see that message. I have included “rhinoSdkPluginDeclare.h” which defines this function.

(Menno Deij - van Rijswijk) #5

I am able to build a working plug-in from the Rhino 6 SDK plugin wizard though. I’ll look into this further.

(Menno Deij - van Rijswijk) #6

Ok, even though I did not see the message about the exported function, it was still missing.
I included “rhinoSdkPluginDeclare.h” but did not write RHINO_PLUGIN_DECLARE macro in the file. Now it works, thanks for the the hint to look in this direction.

(Dale Fugier) #7

If you are migrating an existing C++ plug-in, this should be helpful.

– Dale

(Menno Deij - van Rijswijk) #8

Ah, ok, thanks. I think something went wrong with the RHINO_PLUGIN_DECLARE while porting; the “old” code has it but it had magically disappeared. Highly ‘pebcak’, but thanks for your suggestion on where to look.