[C++ plug-ins] Rhino version not specified

Recently we’ve started to port our plug-ins to Rhino6/WIP. I’m currently using the 6.0.16334.10341 build and I am certain that I have linked to this version.

All .NET plug-ins load without error. All C++ plug-ins give the message
Unable to load <plugin>: Rhino version not specified.

What does this mean?
Do I need to specify the version somewhere?

I found this post, but it does not seem to apply to my problem.


Hi Menno,

Do you see Plugin DLL is missing exported RhinoPlugInSdkVersion function. printed on the command line too?

– Dale

I’ll have to check when I’m back in the office, thanks for your suggestion.

I don’t see that message. I have included “rhinoSdkPluginDeclare.h” which defines this function.

I am able to build a working plug-in from the Rhino 6 SDK plugin wizard though. I’ll look into this further.

Ok, even though I did not see the message about the exported function, it was still missing.
I included “rhinoSdkPluginDeclare.h” but did not write RHINO_PLUGIN_DECLARE macro in the file. Now it works, thanks for the the hint to look in this direction.

If you are migrating an existing C++ plug-in, this should be helpful.

– Dale

Ah, ok, thanks. I think something went wrong with the RHINO_PLUGIN_DECLARE while porting; the “old” code has it but it had magically disappeared. Highly ‘pebcak’, but thanks for your suggestion on where to look.