Rhino UV unwrap

I’m relatively new a using rhinos UV unrwap took and I’ve hit a snag. I’ve got a model I’m trying to unwrap for texturing. I want to isolate the front and back face from the edges. I’ve selected all the edge seams and it unwraps most of it just fine but the back and one edge won’t split and end up very distorted. Any ideas why this is happening? I’ve uploaded the file
UnwrapFail.3dm (503.9 KB)

Hi Owen, there are some small kinks in the outline shape which are causing the unwrap to create strange results. As this is a mirrored shape, i´d suggest to extract the border of one of the large cap faces, delete the rest and fix the outline first. Then mirror, join and extrude it to a solid. After this unwrapping seems to work if you first select vertical all the outline edges in the front view and finally as many connecting edges as you like in perspective view.

Finally you can use the UV Editor to scale the uv islands for better coverage in texture space…

UnwrapFail.3dm (510.4 KB)


thanks, I forgot to double check my construction curves. They were imported from illustrator. I cleaned them up and now it works just fine.