Rhino Update - Administrator Privilege Required

Hi, Prefer not to have administrator privilege for user account on workstation. Rhino updates require administrator privilege to install. Would prefer for non-administrator to be able to install updates directly. Have searched forum and tried to set Rhino to always run as administrator, but no joy. Using Rhino 6 & Win 7. Is there an easy way to achieve this? I.e. without having to become a wannabe Microsoft technician? Thanks

Hello - I do not think it is possible, but I am checking on it…
@brian - can you comment?


Normally an MSI doesn’t require elevated privileges

Rhino installs as an “All user” application.

Since the files the Rhino MSIs add are placed in \Program Files, Microsoft does require local Admin rights.

Hi @wok,

It’s true that the Rhino installer does require administrator privileges to install. There’s really no way around that. Running Rhino as administrator in order for updates to install is not the recommended way to get this to work. If you don’t want to give your users administrator permissions to install software, the next best option is to disable the McNeel Update service so that Rhino never delivers updates to users. You can disable the service in the Services applet of Control Panel.

Thank you for the replies. Makes sense. Not a big issue for us in the grand scheme of things. It’s good to see all the updates coming through for v6 too!

If you go Brian’s suggest route and disable the McNeel Update service, then you can download the service release updates (currently about once a month), and push out deployments using these instructions:

Thx John