Enteprise Deployment: Activation

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I need to deploy Rhinoceros 5 in my organization using System Center Configuration Manager. The deployment actually works without any Problems:

  1. Install rhino5setup MSI
  2. Install HelpMedia MSI
  3. Disable McNeel Update Service

My Problem ist, that at the first Launch of Rhinoceros 5, the application wants to perform an activation, which needs local Administrator Rights. Due Security Policy in our organization, users aren’t local Administrators.

Is there any way i can preactivate the Software (maybe during Installation?). Or what is the common way to distribute / activate the Software in an Enterprise Environment, without user interaction.

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@dale, do you know the answer to this?


I would strongly recommend using the Zoo floating license manager so no Registration or license Validation happens at the workstation:

As to the silent deployment details, they can be found here:

That should be all the details you need.

Please reply back if you have questions.

While I agree with John’s comments, to answer your question, you can include the validation code as part of the MSI install by adding the following to your SETUP.INI file:

RMA_VALIDATION_CODE=____-____-____-____-____ # Your Validation Code, obtained from https://www.mcneel.com/validate/rhino/

Offline validation can be performed by vising this page:

More information:

Does this help?

Hi there

Thank you for the answers. Zoo 6.0 was actually what i was looking for.