Rhino toy 3D scan to AR model

Just for fun, I scanned and animated a Rhino toy of the German brand Schleich.

Here’s the AR animation: Rhino AR @mrtn.ch

More scanning stuff on my website: 3D Scanning - Martin Siegrist Industrial Design (mrtn.ch)


At that scale, it should probably be a plushy! :smiley:
How does the mesh look?

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Damn, these folks have nice figurines. They have at least 10 different horse breeds alone. The detail and paint on those models is also great. I’m gonna get me some dinosaurs. :smiley:

dino AR @mrtn.ch


Making a candle holder out of it is a bit disrespectful. :wink:



Here is a tiny Rhino with a nice texture. I downloaded this as a FBX files somewhere and it is much smaller in R7 format saved small with the texture embedded. I have another version that I opened in Blender and it has an animation with it that is part of the FBX definition.
rhino.3dm (14.8 MB)

I think this may have been your scan Martin?


Not my scan.

Rhino… with Rhino :joy: :+1:

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