Rhino to go

Hi Guys,

we are presenting our 3d Files very often on a laptop to our clients. We always have the problem that it is very difficult to export all blocks and textures used in a 3d Model from our server structure into one package file that includes everything.

Is there a pluginn or a test command that will do that? Does anybody have a good idea how to make that process easier?

Thanks, Oliver

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Hi Oliver- textures can be saved in the 3dm file (DocumentProperties > Rendering > “Save support files in 3dm file”, and blocks can be embedded in the 3dm file as well as linked, so you can, sort of, do it. Making some kind of project bundler is on the wish pile however.


Hello Pascal,

thanks for the quick answer. Doese the save textures also work when we are
working with VRay material textures.
Thanks Oliver