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hi there! have you thought about a subscription model or other payment scheme for Rhino? I know some hobbyists don’t have €1000+tax on software for non-commercial use, but wouldn’t mind paying /month, or when they have active projects here and there (like we do with a bunch of other commercial software). thank you for the response in advance!

I don’t think Rhino is for hobbyists. It is a complex software that needs constant use to master it. Always wonder how one can use such a software here and there and be proficient! Nothing against subscription if it is a choice - but not the only ‘choice’! As with the dark interface - now some programs have only dark theme and nothing else!


A lot of (vocal) Rhino users would be the type to scream bloody murder if subscription pricing was offered.


Fair points :slight_smile:

But why though? If they already bought Rhino 7, it would stay free for them

Offering it as an option is considered the first step towards it not being an option. Then what will they run on their air-gapped Windows 7 machines?

Of course it IS here now, if you want to run Rhino on a server as a ‘back end’ resource it’s per-core-hour billing, but that’s a totally separate thing.

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Gotcha, thanks for the insightful replies. Looks like it’s time to learn Fusion360… =(

Not sure if you are aware, but the cost of Fusion just went up. And I think the hobbiest version is just a shell of what it originally was. That I can’t confirm as I have a subscription, but I have read that on a couple of forums. You may find that a couple of years of Fusion subscription and you’re right back to what a license of Rhino would have cost.

Another option is to take a course at the local college and purchase as a student. That copy is yours even when the course ends. The course will cost you money, but if you learn something valuable it was worth it (and you saved money on Rhino).

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Rhino will not be going subscription at any time in the near future. We’d have to have a massively overwhelming demand from our users for us to change to that model.


Details here: Changes to Fusion 360 for personal use | Fusion 360 | Autodesk Knowledge Network

yeah I’d be front of the queue. the only reason I chose to start using Rhino is because it’s single purchase. I’m happy to pay for an upgrade either when it is a genuine improvement / and or I have the money and work to pay for it. But with subscriptions (Adobe) I’m essentially held and gun point to just keep on paying endlessly if I want to be able to keep editing my files. its fine while I have work on, but at some point in the future I’ll have to archive everything into non proprietary file formats and ditch them.

I’ve got too may subscriptions, and I’m actively looking for ways to ditch and replace, Adobe, Spotify, Netflix etc.

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Just as an aside note, V-Ray (for Rhino and all other platforms) became subscription-only as of today. Subscription licenses were introduced a couple of years ago at Chaos and have co-existed with permanant licenses up till now, but you can see the trend…

yep, i’m own a perpetual license and they’ve increased the upgrading price 75%… They want us (perpetual licenses owners) moving to subscription mode

I read that the ‘churn’ that Netflix are seeing is forcing some of these companies to look at the long term sustainability of subscriptions as everyone is noticing they are spending way too much on subs. shame V-Ray have gone the same route, hopefully Cycles keeps improving. I’m already looking at heading out to Blender once my keyshot link becomes useless from Rhino at some point due to versions or Os - no way im buying that again, the app is severely limited on the low rung version I bought and makes re-visiting and re-working jobs a few months later a pain in the butt.

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