Basic (very basic!) question for developers

Hi all, a very basic question in terms of which language to use: I’ve been working in grasshopper for a few years and am now at the point where I want to be able to write scripts that other users can run from the command line. It’s particularly important that other users - who have very limited comfort / knowledge of rhino / grasshopper - are able to run whatever I develop without having to get into much of the process themselves. I’ve started doing some python tutorials (the only other scripting language I know is javascript, so python seemed like a good choice), but now I’m wondering if this is the right scripting language to be working in, given my end goals? Will python allow me to package what I write in a way that is eventually accessible to other users via simple command line interaction? Or do I need to be working in C# instead? Or perhaps something else? Any suggestions much appreciated!

Have you looked here?

Hi John, thanks for the link, I just watched it. Please excuse my ignorance here - but I’m still a little unclear on this: in most basic terms, if I write a script in python, will there be a way to then package it to function as a plugin? Or something else that is simply accessible via the command line?

I think the table under the video has the general detail you are looking for.
See the image?
That’s Python via IronPython.

rachel, it is possible to launch a python script from command line.

Ok, great - thank you both, this helps!