Rhino.RenderColor (intItem, [lngColor]) not rightly run

Hi every one, could any one help me? thank you so much.
today i try to script "Rhino.RenderColor (1, vbBlue) ", and i find the view modules of Top View, Front View and Right View could rightly change background color to Blue, but the Perspective View background color didn’t change. and i tried other background colors, seems the other View modes can change background color, but the Perspective View mode never changes background color. why so strange?

I am not able to repeat what you are reporting. That is, using Rhino.RenderColor I am able to change the render background color of a perspective view.

thank you very much, looks it is something wrong in the code, its ok now.

hi dale. seems this issue happen again.
and I found some computers will not have this issue others will.
after many works on this issue, I found if I change the Rhino render background color setting to “Solid color” mode, this issue will disappeared, but if i use “Environment” mode, this issue will happen. you can see the issue link here: How to set background to solid color mode use RhinoScript. would you kindly help me on this? thank you very much.

Hi dale, I think i have found a Bug of Rhino5.0, and it is related to the computer hardware setups. hope this can help you to improve Rhino5.0. see detail here: How to set background to solid color mode use RhinoScript