Rhino pop up idea

so i was playing round with the middle mouse pop up window, and i came up with this idea,

this is the first thing that pop up, more things will be added over time.

what i personally like about this colour scheme is it makes the workspace feel bigger, and because the grid is so close in color to the background, the text almost feels like its floating.

let me know what you think, would this pop up configuration work for you?

Hi Michael, one thing I was wondering is this. If you used Icons instead of words. Would less horizontal space be used? I am talking about your list of tools on the left.
It looks good . —Mark

Before spending too much time with skinning you might check out how dockable Editor windows behave.

When I looked into this (admittedly briefly) I found that they all behave inconsistently – as they are in fact very different under the hood and only look roughly alike. Some let you change colours and some stubbornly keep their orginal colour.

hi mark
absolutely, and this was one of the things i looked at, let me explain the philosophy behind what I’m doing with rhino, a lot of it is based on LCARS, the star trek computer interface, with that system you have no icons, only words, Michael Okuda developed the LCARS look to aid simplicity and to reduce clutter, with LCARS though, the words are on buttons like this

So i adopted some of the philosophies of that interface design i so far as using words instead of icons where most applicable, mainly this was in places where an icon didn’t give enough clarity as to the function of the tool, and it works better than i expected , for example, the next project i am designing is an electromagnet hoverboard, if i hadn’t been doing this i would probably never have discovered the curve from object tab, this tab alone contains some incredibly powerful tools which will enable me to get some very complex blends done, at the end of the day this interface design isn’t going to appeal to everyone, but i think its worth it if gets more people trying to redesign rhino to suit their needs.
hope that answered your question.

hi hifred
i just googled dockable Editor windows, pretty glad i cant program to be honest, is that something i need to worry about with just putting together custom tool bars, all the sidebars seem to work ok (Would be nice if you could have right handed sidebars) having said that i should really learn to program as i have a couple of plugin ideas that would be useful for people.

Sorry, I was talking about the Panels found here: Layers, Properties etc.

oh those ones, yeah i saw the other articles about this where you have to alter the system colours to affect them, i came to the conclusion that these windows should be on buttons that show or hide them, this seems to not only save room not having large primarily white windows scattered around, but it doesnt spoil the look of the over all interface too much.

Hehe, that might work for you personally.
But a lot of people consider Layers, Properties and other dockable windows far too important for their work to hide them away for aesthetic reasons :o). Hence my advice to not to spend too much time in this area as there’s parts of the GUI you will not be able to style the way you want to.

hi hifred
advice appreciated, and yeah layers are as you say very important , my main focus is what im concentrating on now, lets hope the dockable windows dont detract from the look, once again , thanks for the advice, other than the dockable windows, what do you think of the layout so far?