Eto C# video tutorial


are there any video tutorials for creating Rhino plug-in UI with Eto in C#?

Thank you

It may not be possible right away, but maybe @nathanletwory will do it in the future.
He is a great engineer and I am sure he will be doing more LiveCoding in the future.

I’ll most definitely have some Eto coding, but can’t tell you get when.

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I would love to see some guides regarding type of layouts, grids, how to place them in rhino panels, popup windows, and how to make it look good on both Windows and Mac. My panels which are looking just “not optimal but ok for now” on Windows, on Mac are looking like a mess.

Also custom toolbars are mistery to me on Mac, but this is kind of different thing.

I guess trying to make UI in eto only makes sense if it should work on both platforms. If target is only Windows, there are better solutions.

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