Rhino Plug-In Registry Key Modified When Running as Admin

We have a Rhino 7 plug-in that is being loaded by a Local Machine registry key that has the “Name” and “FileName” values set in the base key as described here https://developer.rhino3d.com/guides/rhinocommon/registering-plugins-windows/

The plug-in loads fine when Rhino is run with a user account; however, when Rhino 7 is launched as Admin, the registry key is modified with the “FileName” property being removed from the base key and created in a new sub-key named “PlugIn”. Is this the expected behavior? If so, can you let me know why, and is there a way to disable this behavior and keep the “FileName” property in the base key?

Hello - is this your own plug-in, that you are developing, or one that you are using?


It’s our own that we’re developing.

OK, thanks - I shifted the conversation to the developer forum.


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Hi Ian,

What you’re seeing is called plug-in registration. The keys that you’re creating are short-hand plug-in registrations that cause Rhino to load and fully register the plug-in at startup. The sub-folder contains the full plug-in registry.

The detailed registration includes the names of all the commands your plug-in contains, as well as all the file types it supports. This makes it possible for Rhino to know that the “MySuperNeatCustomCommand” (or, whatever you call it) exists and can by run by loading your plugin.

If you want things to be consistent, you can do the full registration (creating the sub folder ald all of the keys in it) when you install. This will make it so the plug-in doesn’t load at startup after first install but will still work for your client computers.

Hope this helps clear up plug-in registration for you.