Rhino PDF doesn't give feedback that file couldn't be overwritten

Now that the issues with the Rhino PDF printer have been solved (at least those I was running into), I switched to it because it’s just overall better (much faster than Adobe PDF, better vector output, can handle multiple page sizes and orientations in one go…), so thanks for that. There’s just one small annoyance:

If I’m overwriting an existing PDF and I’ve accidentally left it open in Acrobat, Rhino doesn’t give any feedback that the file couldn’t be overwritten. When using Adobe PDF, a dialog box with a warning immediately pops up and after confirming it, save dialog appears again, forcing you to choose different file name (or to close the file and try again). Meanwhile Rhino PDF just seemingly continues printing, giving only this feedback in the command line:
The only difference is that when the printing doesn’t fail, it adds one last line “File saved succesfully <path to file>”.
I think that in the very least, when it fails it should write that into the command line, but ideally a dialog box should appear and ideally give you the option to try again (or to choose different file name).

(Currently using 8.4.24023.15001 on Windows 11)

Another related suggestion - I’d love to have an option (checkbox in the Print dialog?) to automatically open the PDF after printing is done when using Rhino PDF printer. Adobe PDF always opens it, Rhino PDF never does.


Hi Simon -

Thanks for reporting!
RH-80198 File IO: No feedback of failure to write PDF

We have that one on the list as RH-79156 Print Dialog: Open in Preview functionality missed

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RH-80198 is fixed in Rhino 8 Service Release 5 Release Candidate

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