Rhino on Mac native silicone - slowness - native code needed

When will we have native Mac silicone version of Rhino?
Current version of Rhino is suffering from speed issues even on state-of-the-art Mac ARM silicone.

Hope McNeel is on top of this issue and has it top priority.

Thank you.

V8 hopefully.


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We are working on a Silicon based Mac build for Rhino 8. That said, I doubt the performance change will be very dramatic over what Rosetta2 translation is providing. The area where you’ll see the larger performance improvements will be through having the display based on metal which you can experiment with today.

Run the TestMetal command in Rhino 8 to enable metal based display

@stevebaer I just tested it and the difference is remarkable.
Rhino 8 with Metal has no lag at all. Great job. :ok_hand:

After testing it, it’s clear Metal is very buggy. Lot’s of graphic glitches especially with line drafting.
Also working from within a layout detail offsets the mouse!

Any idea when metal will be more stable?
It’s a very very slow process to use Rhino on the mac M1 processor for 2d line drafting!