Rhino Notes in MarkDown Language

As a suggestion, I think it would be very useful to use MarkDown Language in the Rhino Notes.
In that way we can insert images, to do´s, and many other markdown features.
Great work to all the Rhino Developers.


I find this Plug - In that makes what I want, but I think it would be great to have it in the Rhino Notes
Pterodactyl | Food4Rhino

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Is there any news about this request, it would be very useful since in the files many times we have geometry and notes related to that file; therefore the markdown would help us prioritize the text, place images, make a checklist and it would also be very useful if this note could be exported to other programs such as obsidian, Logseq etc.

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There is this request RH-4393 RichText in Notes

I’ve added this thread. Let me know if it needs to be Markdown specifically.

I think that MarkDown is a great alternative, because it only uses notes and pictures for the files. And it can be published in many formats or outputs.