Rhino not showing anything of my grasshopper script

If i open my GH script directly from the file folder, Rhino won’t show any preview. This GH script is used together with the AC-GH connection.

However, if I run Rhino then GH, the preview in Rhino would show my GH script.

Does anyone have this same issue? Could anyone share any solution for me to directly open the GH script from file folder.

Hi Melvil -

In a quick test, that doesn’t seem to be a problem here.

Have you tested to see if this is limited to Grasshopper definitions with AC-GH connection components? Or even when 3rd party plug-ins have been removed?

Hi Wim,

So far I am experiencing it when I am using it with AC-GH connection components.

can i know you are trying with which AC version?

Also, can you try opening a few times. For me, initially there are no problems but later on this problem appears. Weird

Thanks for your response.

Hi Melvil -

I’ve never used Archicad.
When I wrote that I didn’t experience any problems, I tested opening a simple Grasshopper file directly for Windows Explorer. That Grasshopper file only had default components, which is why I asked if you had tested this without AC-GH connection components.

Based on your eMail address, it looks like you are in a perfect position to get help from your colleagues who developed this plug-in.

I found the solution on another thread