Rhino.NET will NOT be available in Rhino 6

Just noticed this - I have downloaded Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 to learn vb.Net - moving on from RhinoScript.
Just to clarify, does this mean what I create won’t work in Rhino 6? Sorry if that is a silly question!


WARNING: Rhino.NET will NOT be available in Rhino 6. Use RhinoCommon if possible
RhinoCommon is the new .NET plug-in SDK for Rhino 5.

There are two ways to program for Rhino from .NET. The first is Rhino_DotNet, the second RhinoCommon. In short, the first will be phased out, the latter is the way to go for the future, also for Rhino 6.

AFAIK, if you are going to write plug-ins, it’s a matter of using either one library (OpenNurbs - Rhino.NET) or the other (RhinoCommon).
If you are starting now to learn plug-ins, you can learn RhinoCommon and never care about the old library.
IMO learning RhinoCommon is easier, I’d call it a polished version of the old library.
BTW, RhinoCommon will also give you access to IronPython scripts and to Grasshopper scripts/components.

If you are starting a new .NET based plug-in project, there is no reason to use the older Rhino_DotNet SDK. RhinoCommon is the SDK that you will want to build your VB.NET or C# plug-ins against. RhinoCommon replaced the functionality of Rhino_DotNet in V5 and is the library that we will continue to expand on in the future.

Rhino_DotNet will most likely not be completely gone in V6, but it will not be improved upon in any way and there will probably be some pieces that will have to be taken out just due to architectural changes to the code.

Thanks all, I think I must be using rhinocommon in ms visual studio express, so all good. Absolutely new to vb.net, so I’m looking forward to gradually porting some of my scripts over and creating more sophisticated forms.