Developing using Rhino 6

I currently have Rhino 6, and wanted to create a plugin. I used this link to install Visual Studio 2022 and the rhino plugins for visual studio. However, all of the plugins say they are for Rhino 7, and when i tried to make a test project, I got a seemingly different error, which is attached. It seems to be requesting that I use a preview feature “Use previews of the .NET Core SDK”. I’m running Visual Studio Community edition, and did enable exactly what it’s asking. Is this a visual studio problem or a rhino plugin problem? Any ideas on what to try? I can’t create a plugin at all this way. I should also note I did restart my computer as requested, and the preview is now checked, with no success.

Also, is there a way to install the rhinocommon plugin for Rhino 6?

Hi @nathanpretorius,

For Rhino 6, try these templates:

RhinoCommon templates for v6

.NET Plug-ins for Rhino 6 for Windows are .NET Framework 4.5 assemblies.

I believe when Rhino 6 shipped, Visual Studio 2017 was the current version of VS. But VS2022 should work just fine.

– Dale

Thank you!!

I tried your link with Visual Studio Community 2022 with no luck. Uninstalled that and reinstalled VS 2019 and it’s working now.