Adding many tree bitmaps to rhino

RN is my scattering plugin, best explanation is probably this one ATM.

Well, instancing is in shortest possible way to explain reusing existing in memory geometry kind of “parent one” creating its “children” / occurrences using simple transform matrices, this way you keep only one “proto object” in memory and render one million of them utilizing only small part of your “available horsepower” of device. Bit awkward and a very flattened explanation but yeah something like that. This tech is used under the hood in almost all engines around, in VRay called proxies, in UE called HISM, while in Rhino those are more or less blocks but handled a bit differently, so RN is a way to do it the lightweight way in Rhino, but RN still cannot expose its data to all engines due to suboptimal Rhino API constructions under hood in that matter. SO I just thought it would be a good occasion to renew the question if anything changed regarding V8.