Rhino Nature Released

your product just like “D5 render”,nice price high quality and perpetually licensed, including updates!so good!hope you have a good sale!

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Hi Przemek
Is it going to work with Rhino and Cycles only? I almost bought it and then I saw it needs either Octane or V-ray. Did you talk to Nathan L about adding Cycles to the list?
Another question is about consuming the resources.
Due to the nature of my work (frequent travelling) I can only work on a laptop with non-impressive specs (size!). Is there even a chance to run RN on a such machine?

Hi Piotr

Well yes, it will. I did my best to match materials using PBR V7 shader.

Ok, I think it’s time to deal with this assumption. It’s not that RN needs V-Ray or Octane - just those engines support directly RN and developers of those engines made a “leap of faith” to allow their users to make most of this connection - no need to bake at all / live changes at any RN param change / wise RAM management - this stuff makes that you work “at lightspeed instead of driving typical car” then both RN and integrated plugin really shine at full brightness.

You can refer to the old alpha topic to find answers in detail. At this point, @nathanletwory has his own RN copy and discovers it as many of you. Who knows maybe inception seed will keep growing :sweat_smile:

This is a very complex question - RN uses instancing when baked which means it uses well-known blocks so… It depends on how complex are your models as here RAM is your limit. On the second hand there is a display pipeline which eats RAM also (here integrated plugins inform RN to clean it and leave all possible resources for renderer) and without integration it will need manual clicking to switch ecosystem preview off. Ah… It could be improved a lot if someone at McNeel would allow display instancing for objects which do not belong to the document (not sure who is responsible here @DavidEranen ?)

Please refer to https://help.rhinonature.com/requirements

Your best bet now is to get trial and just test it out in action :slight_smile:

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sir i got a problem why i cant select the scope?

-Domains Scope is not selectable as those are virtual bounds of picked domains.
-Paint Scopes are not selectable as those again are vitual objects - to pick them select painted scope click [+] and in command line pick Paint then Convert - it will convert painted scope to (typicaly joined) multiline (sometimes multi part) object.

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thank you sir i figured it out~

Ah… By the way, I highly encourage everyone to use RN Discuss for such questions this way other users will also be able to gain this knowledge easier as it will be gathered in one place.


@D-W, congratulations on creating such a great tool for Rhino, thanks for pouring many years into its development and testing. It will fill a gap in the Rhino ecosystem.

I can’t wait to find time to play with it and try to implement it in our Rhino workflow.



@D-W w Does RN works well with Thea Interactive render ?

Any reason why my trees are coming upside down?

Does this work with Lumion Render?

@oasctajd not yet and as other not supported enginges needs baking with that difference for Thea materials are set with higest precision. I tried to make it happen many times. Maybe @ggliatis1 can chime in and say if this will happen and when.

@delosang your surface normal is pointing to the bottom. Please refer → FAQ - Rhino Nature Help

@aaronbassdesign same thing as any engine not mentioned here needs baking… Feel free to reach out to the Lumion team and pass this info to their lead developer/product manager.

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Thanks I’ll mention it.

this looks interesting, are there any tutorials/videos on a YouTube channel or similar for learning ?

As mentioned above:

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Rhino Nature is insane!


Great work, how did you do the waves and foam effect of the water?

Hi again.
I’m having problrm when asking for trial license.
After clicking Manage the licence I got this message:
image, whatevet it means.
and then Trial license request becomes inactive (pale grey).
Your help button and Customer Support are dead, please make it work.

Elevated means higher - never thought this will bring so many issues across users to run Rhino as admin. Just run Rhino once as admin and UI will be enabled - this is kinda lock for companies to keep licenses safe across employees.

Umm? This is something new… Where did this happen? Would you mind point the exact place? Help button should redirect you to https://help.rhinonature.com/ and support will call your email client to send an email to me?

Pardon my ignorance but there is no option for admin login. I’m the only user without second profile. Waht then?
When i said help, I meant your page: Top right corne Contact option from menu or bottom Customer Support.