Rhino model with annotations on website

Is there a way to publish a rhino file online with annotations? I tried rview but annotations aren’t shown.

My current model is a downhill skateboarder where we’d like to study angles of a simplified skeleton. I want the mesh to be displayed ghosted or in an x-ray mode so the skeleton dimensions can be observed.

@fraguada is this something that could be done with rhino.compute? I looked at some resources but I’m a little scared of diving into the topic…

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I used a plugin some time ago, for exporting from rhino to 3d pdf, and I believe it supported dimensions as well.

It is called simlab composer.

Thanks, I’ve been using Simlab to export 3D PDF years ago but got tired of having to explain my clients they have to use Adobe PDF reader to view it…

Not knowing what your exact need is, there should be (3d)pdf APIs out there for embedding into a webpage, that don’t need anything to be installed on the client side but an up to date Webbrowser.

While that may be possible, I wish I don’t need 3D PDF ever again.

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The only way I know to do it is to convert the dimensions into text dots as that will show up in the rhino3dm js viewer.

I know that this is not great as I am also looking for better ways haha. Maybe @fraguada can guide us.

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you can explode the dimension, and then again explode the text.

everything is in curves then.


@dk2079 answer is probably the best way to go since there is no way to convert a dimension in Rhino to anything useful in threejs. If everything is curves, then you already have something to work with.

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Thanks @dk2079 I just did this to export annotations to Sketchup…

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I managed to tweak the basic sample file to display a simple model with the angle dimensions:


I could not figure out how to center the model in the window?