Rhino model thickness

Hello, I’m a beginner at Rhino. What I want to do is to give a certain thickness to hull modeling. However, if i use functions provided by Lhino, such as offsetsrf or thickness, i will get an error. Surfaces explode, or problems that cannot be created as solid. Is there a solution?

model.3dm (879.2 KB)

OffsetSrf is the usual tool for adding actual thickness to a model. Post an example of the original surface and the surface with thickness, and describe the particular problems you have with that surface.

Parts of your model could be improved by a significant amount. Triangular surfaces should be avoided if possible. Some surfaces appear to have more control points than needed. What was the surface based on? How was the surface created?

Surface was made based on 2d cad drawings. We changed the front view, side view, and half width to 3d and made a surface piece by line. Finally, I joined and combined the surface. You mean that the surface doesn’t need that many control points, and offset srf will be effective if it is made simple?