Rhino model of famous buildings (for free)

I would like to get a detailed 3dmodel of a famous building. I found some in sketchuip but the problem is that it is in sketchup normally and/or it is just the facade. In this case we are doing some structural analisis but I woulw also like to have some 3dmodels for other reasons. It could be any famous building from the last 200 years basically.

Btw, the Ronen dutch-name Benenbaker had a very nice detailed model of the Mies van der rohe Neue nationalgalerie but I have already analyzed that building :D.

I have a model like the turning torso in Malmo and the 30st S. Mary in London.
Not very detailed but good for environmental tests

Im Swedish so I guess that would be extra cool. Thanks so much!!

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Hi @ameda9
easy solution
I remembered that’s available on my website.

You find the 3D model of the Turning Torso on the right : just click the “Capitolo_16” link.

This is the DropBox link for the Gerkin 3D model

Pay attention the models were made for rendering purpose, taking, only, the bounding box dimensions. Most of them could be wrong.

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Thanks dude! Our structures teacher said the turning torso had a too complicated structure and the gherkin only had the outer glass right? Thanks for the links either way, I am sure ill find a way to make them both useful.

Thanks for your time and effort again! Where can I press like?

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Barcelona Pavilion: There is a link to a .3dm file (with materials for V-Ray) and layers in the description here.