Rhino model in Autodesk Flow Design

I’m a beginner/student trying out Rhino with the Rhino 6 Evaluation software. My .3dm model will not open in Autodesk flow design to test wind flow. A generic sphere loads in place of my actual model. I’ve opened other example models in Flow Design and they appear as they should. I’ve tried scaling my model and every export option to no avail. Any suggestions greatly appreciated

Hello - what file format are you using to transfer? Does FlowDesign expect meshes or surfaces/solids?


I think FlowDesign expects surfaces/solids. Parts of my model are solid forms and another part may still be a mesh only (check if this is the case). The file format is .3dm

Hello - does FlowDesign read the 3dm version you are sending it? For instance it may not have caught up with V6 and expects V5 files.


Thankyou Pascal. You were correct. I just exported a V5 file and it is working.

  • Regards, Kim

Hi Pascal, i had a similar issue and saw this feed but changing it to a v5 3dm is showing up with a sphere still. what should i do?