Rhino minimize issue on windows 10

Rhino wont minimize on Windows 10?
Every time is need to move a Rhino window to second monitor it wont minimize and automatically change toolbars menu position.

Anyone with this issue?

Not seeing that here.
I’m running an NVIDIA Quadro P2000, driving two 27" monitors via HDMI cables on an “Extended” Desktop.

My guess is you are either asking to much of your display adapter, or you may be running Buggy drivers.

In Windows Device Manager > Display adapters, how many do you have, and what is the driver date on them?

Hi John… Thanks for your reply.
I found the solution for this case. What really happen was, and i dont know why Windows 10 minimize Rhino window like this. It appears Windows full minimize Rhino till convert it in a very tiny small toolbar.

Here is Rhino full open.

Here is Rhino full minimized. It was impossible to move that tab despite choosing “right click and move”

Here is Rhino moved to 2 monitor and toolbar change is position.

But i found how to resolve the minimized toolbar rhino window. Just pull the down right corner from that litle window and strech it to a normal size:

Thanks :slight_smile:

That’s bizarre.
I’ve never seen anything like that before.

Windows 10 “fuk…in” shit and not as stable as should be to full intense workstation

Hey @Architex were you able to fix that?

Since back that day i bought a new machine and Windows, Nvidia Drivers and Rhino 6 became more stable and mature i think.

Changing Rhino from monitor to monitor wont do it any more.
The only issue remain is the toolbars sometimes wont fix in place. Even when “lock” is enable. This still happens in Rhino 5 and Rhino 6 to but less often.

Hey ! thanks for your answer. Yeah the toolbars really have a logic of their own… I will try Rhino 7 soon, I hope they fixed it.