Rhino made my childhood dream come true II

A model made with Rhino is being printed with a 3D printer. Rhino is smart, but I’m not that smart, so I’m making several revisions. It took a long time, but seeing him standing on the ground gives me a gentle emotion. After finishing the rest of the work, polishing and painting should also be done. It was a personal dream, but it would not be possible without Rhino. Thank you, Rhino!

Very heavy rifle, liftable but feel punished

Inner frame. slimmer than me and more flexible than me

Rifle can be used as sticks

The remaining parts are preparing for printing. There is a 50% chance of failure.
Cheer up cheap printer!!


that’s amazing. There is some resources to learn form on how to design a mecha and its joinery or did you learn all by yourself




50% chance of failing because of the adhesion of the platform? does your construction base not stick to the building platform? You seem to have excessive supports on these models. Some thoughts how to improve the printing success rate:

  • put a fine film of uv glue (locktide AA350) on the building platform, there you can be sure your polymer amount is high enough to really stick, as most resins try to avoid putting much photosensitive polymers into their resine, as it’s expensive compared to liquidizers.
  • try and make the building platforms surface really ugly (like take some 200 sandpaper and make some really deep scratches). this makes a difference in adhesion of the platform, as you’ll end up with a bigger surface. This will augment the adhesion difference between the building platform and the transparent film.
  • try to put your building parts in an angle of 45°, this makes it mostly self-supporting and there’s much less need of these excessive supports.
  • check out internet for the famous z-wobble error (I don’t have any further infos on that, as I don’t have a cheap printer)

btw, impressive model!! I really like it. Thanks for sharing!

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It’s always trial and error. What i think was the best thing to do often turns out to be stupid the next day. This pattern is repeated over and over again, but I feel I am getting better little by little.

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Thansk you, 董新宇

I was very impressed with the kind and detailed explanation. Your tips on reducing printing errors will be a great guide for me and other users. It’s a poor result, but I’m very happy to entertain you a little bit.

I don’t feel like your result is poor. I like your projet and your dedication very much!
It’s rather impressive how much passion you put into this projet and I was just hoping to help with some hints.

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I don’t know why I saw this comment now. I am very sorry for the late reply. Personally, I think there are a lot of things that are very lacking. Your encouragement has given me a lot of confidence, and I will try more . We will come back to you when the result is complete. Thanks you, Ben!

Now you have to paint it

Heya, and thanks for your friendly reply! Never mind, it is normal that a true artist is never really happy with his product or at least sees infinite possibilities to improve or alter the creation. Otherwise you woudn’t be pushing it further and from my point of view it is the never ending tragedy of every artist that is his or her motivation and running motor at the same time.

If it could help, you can DM me your adress and files and I can print them on my super duper resin printer and send them to you. Have an excellent day