Rhino made my childhood dream come true II

A model made with Rhino is being printed with a 3D printer. Rhino is smart, but I’m not that smart, so I’m making several revisions. It took a long time, but seeing him standing on the ground gives me a gentle emotion. After finishing the rest of the work, polishing and painting should also be done. It was a personal dream, but it would not be possible without Rhino. Thank you, Rhino!

Very heavy rifle, liftable but feel punished

Inner frame. slimmer than me and more flexible than me

Rifle can be used as sticks

The remaining parts are preparing for printing. There is a 50% chance of failure.
Cheer up cheap printer!!


that’s amazing. There is some resources to learn form on how to design a mecha and its joinery or did you learn all by yourself

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