Rhino Mac: Text Display Issues

Hi All,
I know this is a machine specific issue, just looking for recommendations on how to fix it.

As an ongoing bug on particular files, when you zoom into large groups of text (1000+ text objects), it will stop displaying the text after a certain zoom level and no longer be selectable. Rhino also becomes almost unusable to pan and zoom with the lag leading to ‘program not responding’ and crashes with no autosave data.

I’ve re-installed and updated rhino, run an smtp reset, run as a new user account and run all available updates for OS X El Capitan. This file displays correctly on a machine with duplicate specs (27" iMac retina 5k, 32gb ram, 4gb graphics and 1tb flash HDD) but this machine just will not run correctly.

This machine also has issues with Rhino holding excessive amounts of information on the clipboard (10gb) leading to crashes. Rhino doesn’t seem to let go of clipboard information once new info has been copied.

All other programs run seamlessly, just issues with rhino.

Any help would be much appreciated.


i can confirm this issue with the text which has been happening for a while now, disappearing at a certain zoom level i mean. i dont have any fix for this maybe @dan can have a look.

about the performance, a full hard drive on mac can lead to issues for instances, not having any experience with ssd i must point out but may still happen there. also adobe cc can clutter up main memory or other software, if this happens again just open activity and see what engages your memory and processor juice.

maybe you also have set something wrong on that computer not easy to find out like that i guess, but you can delete all rhino files with something like “appcleaner” make sure to check also plist files and reinstall. also be sure to read this before you delete rhino in case you want to keep your macros short cuts and other environmental settings.

Thanks for your reply @RichardZ, i’ve tried the rhino re-install and our SSD is 1tb with about 150gb used. It’s confounding everyone in our office…

Hi Connor

Have you enabled the TRIM on the ssd?


If possible, can you please provide us with a 3dm file and steps to reproduce this on our computers?