Rhino.Inside Without Grasshopper


I am interested Rhino.Inside.Revit as a possible way to improve my workflow, but unfortunately, I am not a strong Grasshopper user. Is there any functionality using Rhino.Inside without using Grasshopper?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



Iā€™m afraid not.

Thank you for clarifying that.

Could you offer any insight as to the level of grasshopper required to use Rhino.Inside?

Iā€™m interested to know if it an advanced skill, or something that could be achieved with a basic knowledge.

Thanks again!

There are a couple things I would like to add here.

Generally, the power of Rhino.inside.Revit is the Grasshopper components and the ability to create custom Grasshopper definitions that interact with Revit.

There is an Import button in Revit on the Rhinoceros Toolbar. This is a custom importer and exporter that categorizes objects based on Layer names. This can be used without Grasshopper.

If you really want to get the easiest and most developed method of exchanging Rhino <> Revit models without configuring with Grasshopper, I would recommend the Conveyer plugin by Proving Ground. This will has many predefined organization to allow the translation of geometry and data from Rhino <> Revit without needing to know Grasshopper. The newest version they are working on also uses Rhino.Inside.Revit technology.