Rhino.Inside.Revit Relationship between "Structural framing" and "Analytical beams"

Is there a relationship between “Structural framing” and “Analytical beams”?

I would expect “Analytical beams” would be a subclass of “Structural framing”.
Where some of the “Structural framing” objects have “Analytical beams” (or analytical geometry).

This match is desirable because I want to combine info retrieved from the parameters in the “Structural framing” object with the analytical geometry of the “Analytical beams”.

156 “Structural framing” objects

52 “Analytical beams” objects

The Analytical categories aren’t a direct subclass. They respresent an Aspect of an element. They are accessed separately by the API to provide easier access to analysis on these elements. (see ApiDocs.co as example)

I’m not sure what your question is though

Hi Ehsan,

Thank you for your reply.

The goal is to rebuild a Tekla model based on data retrieved from the revit model with Rhino.Inside.
The data that I need for a beam element are:
-Analytical geometry (retrieved from Analytical Beams)
-Section family name (retrieved from Analytical Beams)
-Precamber of the beam (retrieved from Structural Framing)

Both Analytical Beams and Structural Framing do not have an equal amount of objects.
So the index of a particular beam object in both list is not consistent.

My question is how can I retrieve the needed data from all steel member, considering an object has different index numbers in both lists?

I hope this clarifies my issue.

Use the python component I added in this grasshopper definition. It calls the .GetAnalyticalModel on the input structural element to get its analytical model. This way your datatree is in correct shape.

GetAnalyticalModel.gh (9.8 KB)

Hi Ehsan,

Thnx a lot for creating the Python definition.

In the “Element geometry” component I am now facing the issue where null inputs leads to an error instead of a null output, where the tree structure is maintained.

An option is to clean the tree from the null items, but then I lose the tree structure which I need.

Any suggestion how to create the “Geometry” tree including the original null items?

Solved it!:slight_smile:

When the list is grafted the tree structure data is maintained.

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So beautiful :smiley:

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