Rhino Inside Revit "Recompute"

Using a Global Parameter node within Grasshopper to adjust the value of a parameter automatically updates the Revit model, but not the Rhino model unless I manually click the “Recompute” button. Is there a way to have the Rhino model automatically Recompute?

The Rhino model is just the preview generated by a Grasshopper script; it is not baked.

I see what you describe.
Would be helpful if you are able to share a minimal Grasshopper definition here that reproduces it.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Kike, thanks for the reply.

I am using the following script to bring the Revit model geometry into Grasshopper by categories. This also generates a model preview within the Rhino window. I used the sample file in the video tutorials.

In addition, I have created this simple script that allows me to change the global parameter value from within Grasshopper. I have created multiple of these to control different parameter values.

When I adjust the slider, the Revit model automatically updates, but the Rhino preview does not, unless I manually hit “Recompute”. It became a problem when trying to use Galapagos to optimize the model geometry using ClimateStudio daylighting simulations. Everything ran correctly except that the sequence of Galapagos optimization runs gave the same results because the Rhino model did not update with the change of the slider value, yet the Revit model did.

Thank you.