Error at Startup (Rhino.Inside) (Revit)

I get this error as soon as I click on the “Rhino WIP” icon in the Addins

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Hi - This is a known issue:

Thanks for reporting,

This will be fixed on the next Rhino WIP release.

I get this AnavRes.dll not found **error on Startup:

It seems to be related to a startup sequence… For example, I can open Revit, load the Rhino plugin or open a Revit file, then start Rhino and open a rhino file or open a Revit file, and we also have Grasshopper to add to the options (open software open/not open a file).

I am running a licensed Rhino 7 and a recent RhinoInside.Revit.msi (installed 4 November). I also have PyRevit installed which seemed to also affect the startup sequence.

Any ideas how to get through this error?

Checkout this guide please and see if you can isolate the conflicting plugin:

I disabled all possible plugins, except Rhino.Inside. The error occurs when starting up the RiR plugin.

It is important to note that I the .dll error happens when using above mentioned work-around.

Currently, I can follow this “regular” opening sequence without error:
Open Revit 2019 > Open Revit Project > Load Rhinoceros Add-in > Open Rhino file.

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