Rhino.Inside.Revit.GH: direction has zero length

I was working on a definition that would use Grasshopper to automatically place walls tags. I am using the RiR component AddFamilyInstance to located and associate the wall tag and respective walls. However, the component mentioned throws an error that reads “… direction has zero length.”
I am not sure where to start to figure out how to correct this. There are no inputs in which I can supply a line or length. I have provided an image of the setup and the file itself.
Any suggestions are much appreciated.


AutoWallTag.gh (14.3 KB)

its hard to tell whats going on with the branching, but i don’t understand why you are joining the curves, wouldn’t you want 1 point for each wall?

i’m going to try placing tags on multiple levels like you are doing, it seems these would be more view dependent, but i could be mistaken.

the levels don’t seem to be an issue. i can’t seem to associate the tag with the wall though. Have you gotten this to work?

Check this out. Custom python component to tag elements. Unfortunately you have to delete the tags and rerun the GH definition since the Rhino.Inside.Revit still doesn’t have element binding API. That’ll get added soon tho

AutoWallTag.gh (14.8 KB)


Thank you for taking a look at this, Rickson.

Originally, I was concerned about the error being thrown at the FamilyInstance component. Now that I updated Rhino and Rhino.Inside to the latest version, the error no longer appears.

I did not want to tag every portion of wall by rather every type of wall. The data tree separates the collection of walls by Level first and then by Wall Type. From there, I joined the curves inside each branch so that there would be only one tag per wall type.

I too have not yet gotten the tags to associate to the walls and read the tag mark.

This is working perfectly! Thank you, Eshan!

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