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I am trying to add curtainwall mullions from RIR. I have a line in Rhino, and feed it to Grasshopper and organized the definition as below. And I got an error “1. RhinoInside.Revit.GH: Element cannot be pinned or unpinned.” Any idea? Thanks in advance.


I might feed more info… please see attached gh def. thanks,

rir curtainwall (12.8 KB)

Guessing you are trying to modify a storefront wall, which is automatically pinned.

You have to specify the type of wall you’re placing, in the original it wasn’t a curtain wall & a curtain grid isn’t a component.

RE_ rir curtainwall (8.6 KB)

the scripted component was borrowed from this recent thread.

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Thanks very much for the reply, it was very helpful. Could you please explain more on the error message? In my mind, every input were set properly as I do in Revit, but I don’t understand what this has to do with pinned or not. On the file uploaded, for some reason its wall type wasn’t set as curtain wall, but it doesn’t make any difference even if I set it curtain wall / storefront.



You can right click on the component (at the W) now and unpin, but i think its more about the add component portion, which isn’t how the curtain grids and mullions work.