Rhino.inside.REVIT facetization of the surface of conical tubes

I have a problem with the interpretation of surfaces when baking conical tubes: The surfaces are faceted on arrival in REVIT whereas I would like to obtain surfaces in one piece as is the case in Rhino. This then overloads the drawings in REVIT with unnecessary lines. Is it possible to

solve the problem by a setting? OR by a particular modeling technique?CONICAL SURFACE - RH7 - 21-09-2020.3dm (120.2 KB)

Yes. Similar to this model had problems with the conical ends of the connectors. We will take a look at the specific case.

I made a issue to track on the conical surface. Perhaps you can add your file and comments to that issue too:

CONICAL SURFACE - RH7 - 21-09-2020.3dm (120.2 KB)

I notice that using the Loft function between two circles gives better results than using the revolution function of a rectangle

Find failing directshapes_A.gh (26.8 KB)

Find failing directshapes_B.gh (25.1 KB)

This is helpful. The current status is that Revit does not like the rational surfaces. Arcs of course are rational. So when doing a revolve by default it creates a rational surface.

Two ways to work around this for now:

  1. Use the Deformable=Yes option when creating the Revolve. This create a non-rational revolve. That goes across fine.
  2. As you have already figured out, a Loft also does not create a rational surface and therefore will move across.

We will need to see if there is anything we can do here to somehow convert to non-rational surfaces or if there is another way to convert rationals into Revit. This is the kind of geometry translation are a chasing as we try and determine exact what Revit prefers.

By the way do you use Wormhole to preview the Rhino viewport in the Grasshopper background?