Rhino.Inside Revit add-on dimmed


I’ve just installed the latest updates to Rhino 7 WIP, Rhino.Inside and Revit 2019/2020 updates … and now the Rhino add-on within Revit is showing dimmed (see attached).

Rhino.Inside Revit

I’ve uninstalled both the WIP and Rhino.Inside, reinstalled, restarted … no luck.

any ideas?


Did you click on the Rhino icon before it becomes grayed?
Did it show you any error message before become grayed?

This use to be related with some sort of incompatibility with other Add-ins.
We have a Troubleshooting section in the web site:

I also got this after an update of WIP to 7.0.20091.15085 3.31.2020.
Icon just got grey.

Any suggestions? Thank you!

I got the plugIn grey as well after a Rhino WIP update and I reinstalled the plugIn and it works out now again.

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