Rhino Inside Language problem

Because of the bylaw, companies of more than 50 employees in Quebec, Canada are required to use french versions of software. So my Revit is in french (it’s real pain but we got used to it) But for a reason that I ignore rhino inside starts in french as well, even if Rhino 7 outside Revit is in english. Is there a way to change the language of the Rhino.Inside instance. I’ve tried changing the language in the options and starting everything but each time I invoke Rhino. Inside it open in french.

Any ideas?

Hi @Biz,

Rhino.Inside Revit tries to show you Rhino in the same language as Revit is loaded to avoid a situation where same Category has “different” names on both sides.

But I totaly see that this may be a preference, so we will add this as a setting in the Rhino.Inside Revit options dialog.

Hi again @biz,

Now on Daily Builds channel you can opt out this.

You can now change Rhino UI language from here.


Really helpful
Thank you