Rhino Update in english

Hello… since update of this morning, my rhino is in English… Is it normal…

My Rhino is in English and I feel normal. :wink:

// Rolf

No, but this has happened in the past - once mine (normally English) came up in German.

If it’s just not that fact that it has just switched to English from French (Options>Appearance) and that French is actually no longer there in the list of languages in the dropdown: the first thing to try is going into Windows Programs (Programs and Features), finding Rhino 6 in the list and choose “Change”. If you press the “Modify” button you can hit the “Select Languages” button to choose the languages to (re) install.




ok thank you!

It 's really strange … sometimes it open in french, and sometimes in english…

am I the only one with this problem???
some times it open in English, i don’t know why,
i was thinking it happened when i open Step or Igs files, but no…
when i open from the internal network, or by a shortcut… but no…